Thursday, August 20, 2009

A brief update - and Twittering

I've not posted on here for a while now. I'm in the process of writing up my PhD thesis now, and additional writing for this blog is beyond me at the moment. I don't, however, want this blog to die as I wish to continue using it to post notes and thoughts as I (hopefully at least...) begin a career in academia.

Incidentally, I have recently given in to a certain amount of hype, and a personal recommendation, and signed up to Twitter (with the alias one_paulie). Now, at this moment in time, I don't see it being a particularly useful tool (or even a very interesting one), but there was one potential use which I thought deserved further investigation: the use of Twitter as a live-update conference tool. Not been to a conference yet where I've noticed its use, but I'm going to two in September (ECAL and ICAIS if anyone's interested, and wants to have a chat with me there?) and want to see if it actually has some practical use.

I've put a sidebar on this page (on the right hand side of this page) with my Twitter feed, it'll most likely get more activity than this blog for the time being (but then probably mostly focused on conference and/or paper related activities)...