Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Week of Science returns!

Happy New Year to all, may it bring good fortune and happiness to all :-)

After a resounding success last year, Just Science Week is returning at the beginning of February this year (4th - 8th). It's two days shorter this year, covering Monday to Friday, to ensure that there isn't a drop-off in posts over the weekend as before. I will be participating again, and hope to post some decent material. The aim for the participants is to post at least one post a day on scientific topics only - and not to post on non-science issues for that week. All of the posts will be aggregated, so a single feed will let you keep up with everything. What's the difference between science and non-science?

What counts as science and non-science? A post which discusses the political implications of science is not science; a post which discusses the cognitive psychology or neuroscience of individual political orientation is science. A post which uses a reference to Creationism before elucidating a biological topic is science; a post which discusses the social and religious dynamics of Creationism is not.

Taken from Just Science 2008 website - visit to sign up!

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