Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Encephalon #54

I'm a day late, but the 54th installation of Encephalon yesterday returned home to Neurophilosophy. A few of my picks from this edition:

- Also the 'editor's pick' (something we'll no doubt see in future edition), from neurobiotaxis comes a nicely written post on the development of modularity in the brain, covering developmental processes and evolution.

- From Neuronism comes a piece on the Blue Brain project, specifically the recently observed persistent oscillatory activity in the gamma range in the simulated cortical columns.

- Dan Peterson reviews a paper on embodied cognition: particularly the link between motor skills and the language comprehension of those skills.

- Finally, from Neurophilosophy is a review of a paper on the reactivation of hippocampal cells during recall tasks.

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