Saturday, January 07, 2012

CFP: AAAI'12 special track on Cognitive Systems

At the 26th AAAI conference this year (in Toronto, Canada) there will be a special track on Cognitive Systems:
In an attempt to return to the original goals of artificial intelligence and cognitive science, this special track invites papers in human-level intelligence, integrated intelligent systems, cognitive architectures, situated embodied cognition, and related areas that aim to explain intelligence in computational terms and reproduce a range of human cognitive abilities in computational artifacts. The track will focus on various cognitive capabilities in the context of artificial cognitive systems, including the following, as well as other related integrated cognitive functions.
There are a number of other special tracks too, in addition to the main technical programme, among which are the intriguingly titled "computational sustainability and artificial intelligence", and more conventional "robotics". In any case, the deadline for submissions is not far off: January 20th 2012.

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