Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Links #1

A couple of links I found today which may be of interest:

- AGIRI: Artificial General Intelligence Research Institute homepage. The institutes aim is to "foster the creation of powerful and ethically positive Artificial General Intelligence". The online discussion forum may be interesting.

- MachinesLikeUs: What seems to be a relatively new website on matters concerning evolutionary thought, cognitive science, and artificial life and intelligence. On the welcome page, it lists four concepts which it aims to promote, the second of which ("Religions and their gods are human constructs, and subject to human foibles") seems to me to be unnecessary and even counterproductive in the context of investigating fundamental cognitive processes and the foundations of intelligence. Having said that, the discussion forum has some interesting topics (on consciousness for example).

- As I mentioned in my last post, The Brain 0 Project webpage contains a number of resources which explains the concepts I attempted to briefly review yesterday: that the human brain may be considered a Universal Learning Machine.

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