Friday, November 03, 2006

The PM's views on Science in the UK

Some quotes from Prime Minister Tony Blair on his 'Vision for Science':

The country's future, he says, lies "through science and technology helping us - not just to gain more benefits in terms of material possessions and consumer goods which obviously are very important to people"..."But also things like the environment. We won't solve climate change without the best scientific minds"..."We're not going to be able to treat people for diseases unless we have the best scientific minds."

"I want to enthuse our young people particularly with the prospect of working in science. It's not just about being a boffin in a laboratory - it's actually about practical application and transforming lives, tackling the world's problems and doing so in a very practical way." - Well, I'm glad somebody noticed... :-p

Apparently, science funding has increased hugely over the past few years (which I'm not disputing). I just hope this means that I can get funding!

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