Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Encephalon #25

The 25th edition of Ecephalon is now up at PsyBlog. An extremely varied edition, it covers topics from laughing rats to calorie restriction signalling in worms, from a history of trepanation to the penile homunculus (!). A few of my picks from this issue:

- How monkey brains encode numbers, from Pure Pedantry, discusses a study in which neurons apparently tuned to particular numbers. I wonder this may relate to this study, which looks at the grounding of numbers in motor circuits controlling the hands and fingers? (dare I say another reference to embodiment...)
- Conditioned Blog Aversion (!), at The Neurocritic
- The Mouse Trap reviews the thoughts of Simon Baron Cohen on imagination, and how imagery is necessary for imaginiation - thus introducing the biological grounding of the capacity for imagination.

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