Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Encephalon #30

The 30th edition of Encephalon is up at Neurofuture (which is unfortunately also the last post post there). An excellent installment as usual. A couple of my fovorites:

- A critique of science reporting in the media from Pure Pedantry: a look at the reporting of a study on the links between exercise and cognition. Particularly, I agree with all the general points made in the last few paragraphs on the interpretation of facts.

- Somewhat related to this is a post at Brains on Purpose, which looks at the (possibly unintentional) warping of information when reviewed second or third hand by analogy to the telephone game (which I know as the possibly politically incorrect chinese whispers...). The solution to avoiding the problem? (quote from post...) " First, be careful about the conclusions we draw from studies. Second, related to the process of conflict resolution, remember the tricky telephone-game effect. "

- And finally, a critique at Mind Hacks of the behaviour detection officers proposed for use at US airports, based on work by Paul Ekman on subtleties of facial expression.

The next edition of Encephalon is due at Dr. Deb on the 10th of September.

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