Friday, October 31, 2008

Encephalon #57 at Mind Hacks

Internet problems at home have prevented me from posting, so after a 5-day delay, I can finally say that Encephalon #57 is up at Mind Hacks. It's an excellent compilation as usual, with posts on infantile amnesia, long-term potentiation and memory erasing particularly catching my eye.

I've not been posting much recently (have spent my days recently sitting in front of a screen attempting to programme an embodied developmental-like cognitive architecture, so sitting in front of a screen any more to write and post on the blog hasn't really been in the forefront of my mind), but in the coming week, watch out for posts on pain (and its developmental role), and perhaps also one on the mirror neuron debate.


amiya said...

I am glad that at least one guy likes my blog. In fact, I also find your blog quite informative.

Paul said...

I'm sure there are many more like me!

And thanks for the comment, I appreciate it - although I know I don't post anything interesting as often as I'd like...