Monday, May 14, 2007

Conscious Entities

Discovered a blog today called "Conscious Entities", which I think is very interesting in general, and discusses a wide variety of concepts related to consciousness. What brought me there was a post which is essentially on embodiment, even though that phrase isn't mentioned explicitly. It is concerned with the Blue Brain project, where an attempt has been made to simulate a mouse brain (an extremely good attempt in my opinion). As I've mentioned in numerous previous posts, I believe embodiment to be essential for the emergence (or otherwise) of intelligence: Peter (of Conscious Entities) mentions that "How the body shapes the way we think" (by Pfeifer and Bongard) elaborate on this view by providing some compelling examples - although he seems unconvinced by the arguments, and makes some valid points.

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Relevant reference: "Understanding Intelligence", R. Pfeifer and C. Scheier, MIT Press, 2001

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