Friday, May 18, 2007

Video lectures on How the Mind Works

It's a link that many have referenced in their posts over the past week or so (I found out through MindHacks and MindBlog) - a series of short lectures on how the brain works, covering a wide variety of topics, including consciousness (by Dan Dennett), and 11 others which sound equally interesting. They're between 15 and 25 minutes long - perfect for having on whilst eating lunch (and what I intend to do...).

Link to the lectures


Anonymous said...

Very interesting site and links.

Paul said...

Many thanks, I hope it is of some use.

magic said...

I'm a great fan of Dan Dennett, especially his "consciousness explained" though I do think he and Dawkins and others take this whole meme analogy a bit too far, bit too strained. I've Enjoyed your site, adding it to my blogroll at mumbo jumbo and at manic memes. Hope you will do the same.

Paul said...

Thanks for your comment - I hope that whatever I write in the future proves equally interesting. As for Dennett's Consciousness Explained: I have to admit that I started reading it a few months ago, and only got a few chapters in before my reading slowly tailed off. Not a criticism of the book itself at all, just my motivation to read :-) As such, I can't really comment (same goes for Dawkins - I read The Selfish Gene a number of years ago, and con't remember much). Thanks for the link also, I will of course return the favour.