Thursday, May 10, 2007

Encephalon #22

The latest edition of Encephalon is now up at The John Hawks Weblog.

Only 11 made it in this time, and they're all excellent as usual. I've two picks from this edition:
- The Neurocritic has two posts on the neural correlates of attention: Bottoms-up (which looks at a recent paper in Science), and Tops-down.
- Sensory substitution, and what is has to do with bats, over at Developing Intelligence


Mo said...


Your entry, along with a few others, may have gone into John Hawks's spam folder. I've sent all the posts that were excluded on to the next host, so they'll be included the next edition of the carnival.

Paul said...

I meant no disrespect, and was in no way complaining about my post not 'making it in' to the current issue. I was merely commenting that it was a shorter Encephalon than usual :-) I think it's inevitable that at some point some posts will be overlooked purposefully, simply due to what I imagine are vastly increasing numbers of submissions. Thanks for your comment though, and I appreciate greatly that you'll forward my submission to the next issues' organiser!